We all navigate transitions throughout our lives.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Guidance is a gift.

From high school to college, within relationships, leaving college and entering the “real word”, or career moves – changes big and small impact us in significant ways we don’t always anticipate.

Whether you’re moving into a new phase of your life, moving through a difficult stretch, or deciding if it’s time to move on, talking through it with a counselor can offer the support you need to thrive during your transition.

When the transitions feel like too much to handle alone, reach out for support.

Hello! I’m Lauren

I’m a licensed counselor and I’m here to help you as you struggle through changes in your life – big and small.

I’ve been through changes myself – we all have. Sometimes the changes are planned, like going to college. It’s supposed to be such an exciting time, but I just wasn’t ready for it and the whole experience fell short of my expectations.

I wish I had spoken to a counselor sooner, but when I made the decision to talk to someone, I finally got the help I needed to move forward and succeed.

Other times, our transitions are unplanned. Perhaps a loss of relationship, feelings of unhappiness in what was supposed to be a dream job, or a significant illness of a family member. These life changes are nearly universal, yet still leave us reeling when we find ourselves suddenly in the middle of them.

Make these difficult transitions that much easier by getting the support you need.

When the transitions feel like too much to handle alone, reach out for support.

Not sure where to start?

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